A Simple 3-Step Guide to Buying a Used Road Bike

January 10, 2017
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January 15, 2017

A Simple 3-Step Guide to Buying a Used Road Bike

The most important step in buying a used road bike is inspecting it to ensure that it is in good working condition. Buying a used road bike from The Racery could be the easiest way to owning a road bike that is in perfect condition. However, if you are considering buying a road bike from a neighbor or a friend, this simple 3-part guide will help you make that decision quickly and effectively.

Step 1: choose the type of road bike that would best serve your needs

You can choose a bike based on the purpose you intend to fulfill with it. If you intend to use the bike to participate in bike racing, the choose a bike designed for racing. If you want a bike for touring, you can choose a tour bike. If you are just getting started with cycling, then choose a bike that would make it easy for you to exercise.

Step 2: Choose the bike size, its frame and gearing system

By multiplying your inseam size (in centimeters) by .67, you can get the perfect bike size for you. If you are on a budget, steel frame bike may be your best option. But if you are ready to spend some more for a long-lasting frame, you can buy titanium frames. Choose the gearing system in accordance to the level of your fitness and the terrain you will be riding the bicycle on. Competitive riders typically use an 11/21 gearing system while those new to cycling should go for an 11/23 gear cassette.

Step 3: Inspect the bike

Sometimes the flaws of a bike are not easily visible. It is only through a thorough inspection that you will notice some issues that could cause you to look for another used road bike or negotiate a lower price. Take your time inspecting the whole frame. Check for rust, dents, scratches, dings and cracks. Check whether the gears are worn down and make sure the bike chain is well oiled. Inspect the bearings and check the tires. If everything is in a satisfactory state, then negotiate the price with the owner and buy the bike.

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