A Simple 3-Step Guide to Buying a Used Road Bike
January 11, 2017


Dj Digital Technology Sequencer Music Samples

Digital is the electronic technology used to generate, store and process data in terms of two states, that is, positive and nonpositive. Number 1 is used to represent positive while 0 represents non-positive.

Therefore, data transmitted or stored using digital technology is usually expressed as a string of 0’s and 1’s. Each of these state digits is commonly referred to as bit, and a string of bits which a computer can address individually as a group is known as byte.

Digital technology is mainly used with new and physical communications media, like fiber optic and satellite transmissions. Modems can be used to convert analog phone signals to digital information for your computer and convert digital information in your computer to analog signals for your phone line. Digital technology has brought the following impacts into our lives.


Today, the internet has become the main source of information, and search engines the main doors to access the information. You have complete knowledge in your pocket so long as you have a smartphone.


Digital technology has completely changed the way we connect with other people. It has made chat rooms and forums, social networks and online available to us, thanks to the introduction of smart phones.


Shopping has become easier than ever in this era of digital technology. Today, we are able to search for the products we want in the various online stores, compare prices amongst the stores and purchase these products through the internet.


Today, you can easily know everything about your destination even before you leave your home. Digital technology has also made planning very easy and cheap. There are many websites which offer information and mobile apps which give us real-time discounts and offers.


Nowadays, almost everyone is a doctor – thanks to the internet. Even though we shouldn’t trust the things we read online, the internet has helped discover some diseases we were aware they existed. Also, the emergence of mobile awareness can help us live a better lifestyle as well as prevent some diseases.

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