Engagement Rings for Women in Sports

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January 25, 2017

Engagement Rings for Women in Sports

Man hiding his wifes eyes to offer her an engagement ring for a marriage proposal

Choosing an engagement ring can be very hard, especially for an active woman. Being a sportswoman should not prevent a woman from showcasing her engagement ring like her peers. All the same, her man should find an appropriate ring for the active life that she leads. Factors like function, comfort and durability must always be taken into account during the process.

There are a number of jewelry shops you can visit and request custom engagement rings in Toronto, so you should not be worried if you can’t find ready made engagement rings in the jewelry shops you visit. Anyone choosing to propose to a woman who’s always on the move should choose a ring which can be worn all day and every day regardless of the activity she’s engaged in.

The following guidelines will help you choose a well-designed and sturdy piece, which is both beautiful and functional. It will help you to give your partner a ring which she’ll enjoy wearing for a very long time to come.

Choose a low-profile setting

Some settings keep the diamond raised above the band, which in turn exposes all sides of the stone to light for it to create a high refraction or sparkle. However, the challenge with these settings is that they snag on everything, from baby blankets to running gloves. But low-profile settings have rings where a protective metal has encased the diamond. This means that the rigs are virtually flat and the wearer will never have to struggle to unhook the ring from anything.

Consider a smaller stone

It’s easy to think that its only large diamonds which make beautiful rings. But, you should understand that larger diamonds translate to a heavier and bulkier ring. Active women require rings with smaller stones as they have thinner and more comfortable rings which can be worn easily. This means that the ring won’t interfere with any of her daily activities.  

Select a strong metal

Gold is usually the most common metal choice when it comes to engagement rings; however, it might not be the best setting for an active woman. Gold in its purest form is very soft and bendable, can be easily shaped by human hands. That’s why it’s always mixed with other metals like silver and copper before being made into jewellery. So, if your future fiancée is an active woman, consider buying a ring made of more durable metal.

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