Find Out If You Have What It Takes for A Career In 3D Animation

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Find Out If You Have What It Takes for A Career In 3D Animation

3d animation

Unlike you and me, the best animation TV shows were not “born” (created) in a single day. Actually, all animations loved by children are intricately designed using computers by skilled animators. That adored character is just a series of simultaneous motionless images, which 3D animators use to create the delusion of movement.

3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional images which are in motion in a digital environment. 3D animation software is used to manipulate 3D objects or models carefully. The software is then used to export picture sequences, which gives them the impression of movement or animation.

We asked experts from Toronto Video Production company Gardner to get us information about the common processes used in 3D animation. The following are the processes they outlined for us:

Keyframe animation

This is also known as keyframing and is the most used and oldest style of animation. Keyframing involves changing the timing, position, spacing and shape of an object. However, the major changes to the object are the key frames. Software packages used in 3D animation make keyframe animation easier by incorporating the in-between frames.

For instance, when animating a falling ball, one key frame might show the ball in the air, the next frame when the ball is touching the ground, and the key frame after that the ball hitting the ground and the impact which changes its shape. The animation software calculates these frames automatically, thus making the animation process of making few key frames.

Motion capture

Also known as mocap, it was used cautiously at first because of technological limitations. However, motion capture has started gaining acceptance from CG effects in movies to animating video games.

Motion capture subjects, who mostly are actors, are put in a suit with sensors which capture the movement of their limbs as they move. The captured data is then connected to the ring of a 3D character, which is then converted into 3D using 3D animation software.

The 3D animation doesn’t cover children’s movie alone, not anymore. Animators also do play a critical, behind the scenes roles in eye capturing movies like Transformers, high-end video games like Far Cry and television commercials amongst others.

3D animation is a very competitive career, so it’s important to ensure you have what it takes to succeed before investing your time, energy and resources in the career.

What is the role of a 3D animator?

3D animators, also known as multimedia artists, are well known for creating unique effects, animations and other visual images. The animators use computers and other electronic tools for creations and production.

The commonly known role of animators is creating video games, movies, and TV shows. However, there are other circumstances where 3D animation is also used to recreate scenes for forensics; do motion graphics, adverts on the internet and medical explanations. Actually, the list is very long to exhaust.

There are other unique animation jobs which include creating virtual tours of building architecture or model homes, designing animated graphics for websites and producing simulations for military drills.

The characteristics of a successful 3D animator

Before pursuing any career in 3D animation, you should determine if you have the essential qualities associated with the job. This helps one to avoid wasting time and resources in a career which is not right for them.

3D animation is not an easy task. The process is usually long and tedious than what people think. Also, people should understand that animation is a mixture of art and science. For one to thrive in the industry, they must have an artistic eye, as well as being able to break things down to understand how they work. Basically, 3D animation is a combination of understanding mechanics and making them artful.

For instance, a non-animator might not realize the person ahead of them is a stranger while queuing for something. However, a real animator can see the details and can analyze the individual, just in everything they do.

Having patience and creativity to plan projects is very critical for one to succeed in 3D animation. Also, all animators should have an observant eye and the willingness to improve continuously in the way they observe things.

It is also important for anyone who wants be an animator to learn about the traditional animation processes. 3D animators must have a greater understanding of a form in 3D space, whether it is digitally or manually transferred.

The technical skills required in 3D animation

Maybe you have realized that you have the natural characteristics one should possess to succeed in an animation career, but these aren’t clear to you yet. These features can be useless unless you also have the necessary technical skills for animation.

3D animators must utilize their artistic and analytical skills for them to develop creative ideas. Also, one must have the perfect combination of software knowledge and practical skills for them to succeed in the career.

It is a must for one to have skill in 3D animation. 3D animation skills are very critical for every project one undertakes. It is also important for prospective 3D animators to familiarize themselves with programs like Maya and 3DS Max. These programs assist people to further themselves in 3D animation career.

Get ready for the challenge

It’s very exciting for one to bring life into dynamic images. However, you should understand that 3D animation career is not a walk in the park. For animators to meet a strict deadline, they must subject themselves to working for long hours, including nights and weekends.

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